5 Questions Job Seekers Can Ask At An Interview


I have done a lot of interviews searching for that dream job. Who hasn’t? I’ve also found myself on the other end enough times to know what interviewers expect from their future employees. If you’re hunting for a job and peradventure, you were lucky to get to the interview stage, then you shouldn’t blow it.

Most job applicants are so focused on getting the job, that they miss the big opportunity to learn about their prospective position. No doubt, these insights reveal what the role entails.

To the employer, asking relevant questions helps make up their mind quickly that you’re the best for the job. But asking stupid questions won’t get you anywhere. In this article, you’re going to learn five questions you must ask at a job interview. Do this well, and you’ll be smiling at the end.

1. What Will Be The Biggest Challenge For Anyone Filling This Position?

Remember, you’re not spewing this question to impress your interviewer, but to learn more about the position. This question will help the employer give you a detailed overview of what to expect in that position. You can decide to either walk away or grab the job. If you’re qualified and yet, the role seems out of your control, you can ask what assistance they offer to help tackle such a challenge.

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2. Is This A New Or Existing Position In The Company?

When you ask this question, it will give birth to many related queries. If it is a new role, why was it created? If the interviewer said it is an existing role, are they adding or replacing a person, and why? If they are replacing a person, what happened to the last person? These questions will help you understand your role and how you fit into the company. Organizations create a new position to solve a new problem, while some are merely to help fasten the company’s growth.

3. Who Are The People I Will Be Collaborating With?

You need to understand that titles don’t often depict roles. One organization’s Project Coordinator can be a project manager who oversees the work of several groups in the organization. The same position can be a consulting and project-based position that is the administrative support for a single group. By knowing who you will be collaborating with, your role becomes evident.

4. What’s The Most Important Thing That I Can Accomplish In The Next 60 Days?

This question has the potential to get you a considerable remark. Why so? Well, it shows how enthusiastic and success orientated you are. In other words, it shows you off as a problem solver, which is a desirable attribute in today’s world. By asking this question, you are allowing the interview to visualize you in that position. They might not have done that before, but this question will fix that and consequently get you the job.


5. What Do You Love About Working In This Organization?

Now, this is a question that many candidates might never ask. They feel it is threatening or perhaps, out of bounds. However, the reverse is the case. This question helps you gain a personal perspective of the interview and also helps you build rapport. Remember, the purpose of these questions isn’t to brag. But to learn as much as you can about the role and organization. Bringing your egoistic self to the interview room will get you kicked out. No employer needs a rival!

Wrapping Up!

Asking the right questions will do you a lot of good. First, it corrects the wrong impression you might have created during the interviews. Secondly, you show off your personality, strengths, and vision for the role. The most important thing is asking the right questions, not just any question. Do this well, and you will become the best candidate. Do you know what that means? You already have a job. You don’t always need a big connection or an impressive degree to get a job. Sometimes, what you need is confidence and to exhibit unusual traits that would be beneficial to your position. Good luck!

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