5 Habits That Will Increase Your Chances Of Landing A Job


When you’re hunting for a job, it is common to feel like your application is falling into an enormous and endless black hole. This feeling often emerges if you’ve been rejected a couple of times. It is very frustrating. But what if you can get into the mind of your recruiter? What are the habits of a winning candidate? If only you can learn that, it will land you the job you’ve been dreaming of. In this article, you’re going to learn five practices that will increase your chances of landing a job.

1. Be Selective

One of the mistakes applicants often make is to hunt for every available job. I’ve seen applicants apply for over fifty jobs within a space of one month. They are usually with the mindset that the more they apply, the better the chances. However, the reverse is often the case. Why this approach might not work for you is because you’re missing the details. Once you limit the number of jobs you apply for, you discover that you put more energy into crafting a high-quality application that gets a response. Before you apply, ensure the job is one that fits your qualifications.

2. Updated With Latest Trends

Employers are looking for a candidate who isn’t limiting themselves. They want a potential leader who they can lean on in the industry. To ensure you’ve not been living in the cave, they will ask open-ended questions about recent happening in the industry. As a winning candidate, making sure you stay updated to trends in your field will make you stand out. When you’re able to answer these questions with confidence and alacrity, getting that job becomes easy peasy. So, follow blogs or newsletters that keep you updated, and you won’t regret it.

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3. Utilize Your Network Of Contacts

Your network exists for a reason, and you can leverage on them to get that dream job you’re looking for. Connect to former colleagues, course mates, and let them know that you’re currently seeking for a job. Also, ensure that you reciprocate the gesture when they are in a similar rut. Through this kind of relationship, getting your dream job becomes almost effortless. But most often, candidates are shy to ask for help, even when they know someone who can do so. If you’re serious about getting a job, you have to do away with that lame habit and seek help.

4. Be Conscious Of Your Social Media Presence

You might not know this yet, but many companies and corporation snoops through your social media handle before they decide whether to hire you or not. In that case, ensure you’re not the social media tribalistic warrior everyone fears. Denigrating a particular religious group, political party, or being hostile toward members of the LGBTQ+ community might cost you your dream job. If you’re to make any comment at all, being neutral is best. To be on a safer side, stay away from sensitive issues. Not only would this habit make you a better candidate for the job, but it also makes you reasonable in other aspects of your life.

5. Personal Branding

Being acutely aware of their competence and lucrative skills, some candidates can stand out from the crowd like a lion among sheep. By effectively conveying your selling edges, you make yourself a hot cake for your potential employer. When it comes to hiring candidates, it is not always about the candidates but how well he or she can fill the position. So, learn how to present yourself and your CV, and you will be able to land that dream job of yours.


Wrapping Up!

Getting that dream job is possible, if only you will learn these habits already discussed in this article. There are lots of vacancies out there. The problem isn’t about the applicant; it is about getting the right candidate for the job. Get into the mind of your employer, and you will be able to land the job.

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