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When I lost my job as a Branch Manager with one of the biggest fast food companies in the country, it took me several months to get an interview and that was even for a one-man business that offered to pay me about one-tenth of what I earned previously. But when a cousin encouraged me to visit your website, everything changed for good. I ordered for your service and in less than 6 hours, I got a new CV. It was unbelievable! This new CV got me 4 job interviews. I’m currently working with {Company Name Withheld}. Thanks a lot. Client 1

Two (2) years after NYSC, no interviews, no job. I thought it was a spiritual problem. Until a friend referred me to You. Last week, I was called for an interview at {Company Name Withheld} and today I received my employment letter with a very good pay. A million thanks. You are simply the best. — Client 2

You worked on my CV 4 months ago, and it didn’t take me up to a month to get a six figure job in Abuja — Client 3

Thank you for the CV and cover letter. I got the job. I could not have achieved this without you — Client 4

Excellent service! You have packaged me beyond what I can conceive — Client 5

I cannot believe how fast my course mate secured a job immediately after service. We both graduated with the same grade, Second Class Upper. She’s from a poor background like myself and I know she is not better skilled than me, but she already had a job, whereas I haven’t heard from even one company for an interview. I inquired from her what the secret was and she asked me to visit your website, which I did. I placed an order for a CV and cover letter and the result was professional, yet tailored to my personality. In less than 3 weeks, I started seeing changes. Interviews started coming; the one that baffled me most was the invite I got from MTN for the position of Customer Care Agent. Those who applied were more than 1, 500 but I was among the 25 who attended the interview. I’m happy to inform you that I was successful at the interview and I have been offered the job. I encourage every job seeker out there to visit CV Wizards. They are the best. — Client 6

Sir, I just want to inform you that I was successful in obtaining the Graduate Trainee position at KPMG. The interview was successful. Thanks for the nice job you did with my CV. — Client 7

I finally got the job with Zenith Bank. The position is Customer Service Officer and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I want to thank you immensely for the perfect CV. — Client 8

I used CV Wizards recently and I’m happy to announce I have been given the job. Their service was so fast and professional. Thank you CV Wizards. I believe now that you guys are the best. — Client 9

When my daughter was looking for a job, I wanted to help her get a good one so I arranged for her CV to be written by CV Wizards. They were able to identify her desired job and qualifications which was highlighted in her CV. Their process helped my daughter get her first job just one month after NYSC. — Client 10

Thanks for writing a professional CV in such a short time. I’m very impressed. — Client 11

I just checked my email and saw the CV. I’m happy to say that I’m completely satisfied with it. Many thanks for your quick and efficient service. I would never have written a CV like this in hundred years. — Client 12

Thanks for the wonderful service. I was about writing my CV when I saw what you did for my friend. Thanks a million. — Client 13

I got the job! Thank you very much for the outstanding CV. My new boss said it was the best he had seen in so many years. — Client 14

I’m really impressed with the results my CV is yielding. Before I was recommended to your firm, I have been submitting my CV without getting any reply. Less than 3 weeks after getting a new CV from CV Wizards, I have been invited for 4 interviews. You guys are the best. I will highly recommend your service to all my friends. — Client 15

I simply can’t find the exact words to describe how impressed I am with the CV you wrote for me. How would I have gotten my present job, if it were not for your help in writing my CV? God bless you. — Client 16

I had no idea how to write a good CV. I won’t say your CV writing service is good. I’ll say it’s perfect! — Client 17

CV Wizards have done an excellent job in restructuring my CV. I will surely recommend your service to my friends. — Client 18

Goodday, Thanks. I am impressed with the CV and its formatting. Once again, thank you. — Client 19

Excellent service! CV Wizards have packaged me beyond what I can conceive. Thanks. — Client 20

Your service has saved me a lot of time and stress. I was struggling to write my CV for 3 whole days without success. I googled “CV writers in Nigeria” and pop CV Wizards was No. 1 on the result. I ordered for their service and my professional CV was delivered in less than 10 hours. How they did it? I don’t know, but I’m impressed with the finished work. — Client 21

For anyone looking for a professional interview-winning CV within 24 hours, I recommend CV Wizards. I have used them before and they didn’t disappoint. — Client 22

This is the second time I will be using CV Wizards: The first time, CV Wizards helped me in securing my current job with Diamond Bank. I’m very impressed with their service. It’s cheap, fast and effective. — Client 23

Patrick, May God reward you for establishing this CV writing solution, CV Wizards. I have already recommended you to a friend. — Client 24

Thanks for the powerful CV and cover letter. I got the job. I could not have achieved this without you. — Client 25

He exceeded my expectations! I will hire him again in the future! — Client 26

Patrick is a great CV writer. Very dedicated and good at what he does! — Client 27

Mr. Patrick is really a great person to work with. I’ll refer all my friends to him! — Client 28

It’s been a great experience working with Patrick. Will highly recommend his service…very co-operative, maintains deadlines and good at his work. — Client 29

I never thought my CV could look as professional as this. Thanks. — Client 30

Fantastic! You guys are wonderful, Thanks. — Client 31

Good morning Mr Patrick. I no longer have your number, I’d have called. I’m one of the people you wrote CV for sometime ago. I submitted my CV somewhere and the man set it aside different from where he kept for other applicants. He was looking for an admin but when I came, he said my CV was the best and that he already gave me the job even before seeing me just because of my CV. There and then he made me a manager in his company instead of admin. I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much! — Client 32

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