Top 7 Blue Collar Jobs You Should Consider, As An Unemployed Nigerian Graduate


Over the last few years, we have witnessed steady job losses, and the trend keeps getting higher. This has resulted to having lots of unemployed Nigerian graduates, who either never had a job or lost them after a while.

The need to acquire a skill outside of your job expertise has been over flogged, and those who have visions have keyed into the idea. There are lot of promising blue collar jobs out there, but the issue is having the skill to start up one.

Blue collar jobs are jobs that require more of physical energy, than mental energy jobs (White Collar). It doesn’t in no way mean that one pays more than the other. In recent cases, we have seen blue collar workers living comfortably more than the white collar counterparts.

Just to keep you abreast, these are some of the blue collar jobs that should earn you a decent living as an unemployed Nigerian graduate.

1. Signage Business

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As the number of start-ups and rebranding of various firms are on the increase, so is the demand for people with Branding and Signage skills. Remember the saying that “you must start small?” It doesn’t apply to those in the Signage and Branding business. It is always a big hit right from when you land a contract till you execute it.  Produce quality, and you end up employing first class students as your employees.

2. Drivers

“Oh No!!” must have been the first exclamation that came out from you as soon as you saw it. The average Nigerian fresh graduate earns about 30,000 Naira. This is about 970 Naira per day.

An average Driver in any capacity earns a starting salary of 50k per month. Wouldn’t you rather compromise pride for a few months and get those cars on the road! Depending on your agreement with the car owner, places like Lagos would see you earning above 4, 000 Naira daily – how many firms pay such to graduates?

3. Electricians

The closet idea to who an Electrician is might be given as someone who studied Electrical/Electronic Engineering – hell no! Majority of Electrical Engineers in Nigeria can design a simple electric circuit, which has given major artisans the space to operate freely. As the number of houses being built is on the increase, Electricians are having a field day in raking in thousands from various contracts. Who cares about an educational degree, when I go to cash out my cheque? 


4. Caterers

Food – somethingthat gives us joy in Nigeria. From child dedication to parties to celebrations and others, the only common thing is that we are all eating. No matter the nature of the economy, celebrations must happen and people must eat.  The beneficiaries of such celebrations are those who prepare the dishes, eat and still receive bank alerts for cooking and eating.

5. Construction Workers

I categorized it everyone found in a construction site under the above heading. They are get fair amount of cash for making sure the building is erected. Millions are being spent daily in erecting buildings in Nigeria, and it ends up in the pockets of these guys.

Roofers, Masons, Painters, and every other person found within the site. The average daily pay differs, but believe me that it is higher than what the government or private firms pay most graduates.

6. Real Estate Agents

Ever thought of making your first Million in just a month? This job gives you that opportunity. It is all GREEN in the real estate business. If you can’t be the landlord of the house, you can become the agent for the house.

Real Estate agents are making a huge killing in Nigeria, and graduates without a job yet should consider this sector!!

It is all GREEN and looks like being GREEN for so many years to come. No matter your location, selling, leasing and renting out houses are a low key way to rake in thousands of Naira just in day.

7. Hardware Engineers

Glad you are about to know that Hardware Repairs is the new goldmine. There are hundreds of people every day with several laptop faults, and they need technicians to fix them.

Not just that; companies are in need of experienced Engineers, who will take up the job role of maintaining, Troubleshooting, and repairing their computer installations. The question now is “Who will do the job among thousands of graduates looking for jobs or those who are underpaid?”

If you are an unemployed Nigerian graduate still waiting and hoping for a job to come, you should take the bull by the horn. There are several skills you can pick up today and make money like by doing things you love doing.

Bye, till we meet again!

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