Ten Deadly Sins of Interviewing: Top Ways to Bomb a Job Interview


When it comes to the recruitment process, a lot of factors come to play. You might be aware of a few, but there is a lot that goes undetected. Even some brilliant people have been found committing these deadly sins that deter them from their dream job.

When I worked in Human Resource Management a few years ago, I discovered that there are numerous mistakes been made by prospective employees. The saddening aspect is that they had what it takes for the position. But because they were unaware of some glaring red signs, they flopped. In this article, I am going to disclose ten deadly sins of interviewing. With this knowledge, you will be able to bomb that job interview.

1. Lying To Your Recruiter

Now, this is the biggest of all sins. A lie they say will beget another lie. No matter how exceptional your skills are, no company hopes to hire a liar. You don’t tell your hiring manager that you resigned from your former job when you were fired. No matter how bad the truth hurts, you have to say it. The fact is, someone is going to verify every claim you make. It will be a futile effort trying to lie your way to a job.

2. Showing-up Late

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I think this is a glaring sin. But unfortunately, numerous potential employees keep showing up late to a job interview. We all seem to have a pretty good reason for not showing up early to an event. But to an interview, your excuses are invalid. In order to avoid committing this sin, adequate preparation is required. If you live in a location prone to traffic jams, that means you would have to begin your journey hours earlier.

3. Failing To Do Your Homework

Most applicants are fond of committing this deadly sin. How can you show up for an interview without knowing anything about the company? You are probably going to walk back home without that employment letter. If you need something, you have to work for it. You need to know everything there is about the proposed company and the interviewer. One of the places to find valuable information is the company’s website. Your knowledge about the company is an edge you can exploit.

4. Talking Too Little Or Too Much

When the interviewer poses a question you might not have expected, you don’t need to scrabble around with words and hoping to hit the mark. You don’t also need to say two words and stay mute. Moderation is key! You shouldn’t be seen as being loquacious, nor a dumb. Furthermore, preparing some questions which you will ask gives the interviewer a peek at how you reason and think. You might not master this at a go; you will have to practice to be good.

5. Appearing Desperate


You don’t need to worry yourself about how rough the labor market is, or the unemployment rate in the country. Don’t allow that impact on your interview, making you appear desperate. Companies want a lot of things, but what they fear the most are desperate employees. These desperate fellows can kiss the devil to get what they want. When you are desperate, you project some thoughts to your interview. Trust me; these thoughts are often not good. They often lead to you not getting the job.

6. Dressing Like A Star

The aspect of dressing is a delicate issue among interviewers. But what determines your mode of dressing is the company. You don’t need to dress like someone who is dancing among the stars. It shouldn’t be too short, too clingy, too low-cut, or whatever. Such wardrobe missteps don’t speak well about your personality. Your interviewers don’t only access you based on your words or written performance. Your appearance speaks a lot and is usually one of the enormous criteria used to hire people.

7. Excessive Love Of Self

Confidence is incredible, but you don’t need to be too over the top, or it becomes repulsive. You might have years of experience, skills, etc. Who knows, you might have gotten a few accolades and respect. No matter what you have achieved, you need to treat everyone with respect. That lady you barked at might be the assistant manager. You can never tell! From the gateman to the receptionist, be humble, and treat everyone as warmly as possible.

8. Not Following Up 

After an interview, candidates often lay back and relax. While some begin with another job hunt. By failing to follow up on your interviews, you are missing potential employments. HR managers believe that a ‘thank you’ mail can sometimes do the magic. These days, you can easily do that using your email, and it won’t cost you a cent. By such an mail, you show that you’re full of gratitude, even in uncertain situations.

9. Not Having A Weakness

Even Superman has a weakness, so don’t form almighty when asked about your weakness. At that moment, makeup something. Something you can improve on that won’t affect the position you’re applying for. Some hiring manager is fond of throwing this question to applicants. The fact is, it always throws unprepared candidates off guard. By discovering a weakness that you can work on, and that won’t affect the position you’re applying for, you will pass in flying colors.

10. Not Knowing The Job You’re Interviewing For

As funny as it may sound, many applicants often don’t have a position in mind when applying for a job. They show up, hoping to be fixed in any available spot. That is a sin you shouldn’t commit if you’re serious about getting a job. It shows you off as desperate and cheap.

Wrapping Up!

There are numerous deadly sins of interviewing, and they are often the reason many candidates don’t hear back from their potential employer. By knowing these red flags and working on them, you’re less likely to bomb the interview. I wish you good luck!

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