REVEALED: 5 Strategies For Finding Work Abroad


A couple of weeks ago, we covered some of the tips for searching your dream job in Nigeria. But this time around, we want to expose our readers to some powerful tips on how to find work abroad. Your global job search might lead you to a land you already know you love, or a new existing one that will satisfy you in employment as well as from a cultural and social standpoint. So how can you go about finding, applying, conducting a job interview and securing a job abroad? Before beginning your job search abroad, assess your attractiveness to employers. Do you have special knowledge and skills, an advanced degree or professional experience that will justify a foreign employer hiring you? Don’t forget to consider your English language skills-in many countries, this will be a plus. Here are some great strategies for your job search abroad:


First, narrow it down. You don’t need to know where you want to move or what exactly you want to do even, but you probably should know one or other. If you have a location in mind, search for some of the emerging and established industries in order to better align your global job search. Want to work in tourism or hospitality? Spain might be your best bet. (It is also a good bet if you’re into renewable energy.) Interested in supply chain management or factory engineering? Head to Argentina where the manufacturing reigns.


You can start to make connections abroad months before you’re ready to begin your job search in earnest. Research the job prospects in your country of choice and meet professionals in your field by reading blogs and following up on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Don’t forget to let your local network of contacts know about your plans. You never know when a connection from your past can help with your future.

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3. CONDUCT AN INTERNATIONAL ONLINE JOB SEARCH has job listings for countries all over the world. and also provide international job listings, as well as travel guides. You may also want to check out international job placement services like Inter-Exchange. When you contact prospective employers, be sure to get as much upfront information as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises when you reach your destination.


Every job seeker often have ambitions not just to secure a job in a particular country but in a particular city. Well-known cities like New York or London for example have a highly competitive job market. You will be competing against the best people from that country as well as international talent. Many cities are hungry for international talent. In the U.S. for example: cities like Seattle and Austin have strong-growing job markets, they are actively seeking international talent and are considerably less competitive. It’s a similar story in the U.K in cities like Manchester and in the U.A.E for cities like Abu Dhabi.


Many job seekers make the mistake of thinking that the larger the company, the greater the chance of sponsorship. This is not necessarily the case. Multinational corporations are inundated with applications from international job seekers, many of whom have a similar skill set. Smaller companies are looking for a highly unique talent pool and many are eager to hire multi-lingual international job seekers to support foreign expansion. Although smaller companies may only hire and sponsor one international job seeker a year-it can to be you if you have the skill set they’re looking for. It pays to think differently, avoid the “popular” companies and connect with small or medium-sized alternatives that may not recruit on campuses, but who are looking for exactly the skills you’ve got.

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