How To Write The Perfect CV For Someone With No Work Experience


Hi guys, this will be my second post on how to write a CV without any job experience. Most young graduates assume that inserting their industrial work experience and NYSC will land them a good job, but they end up looking like losers with their Resume.

Writing a CV for those without work experience is pretty difficult and has lots of secrets attached to it – which is why I always advice fresh graduates to get help from more experienced persons when writing their CVs: a friend, relative or better still, outsource it to a professional CV writer. If you decide to write it on your own, you may jeopardize your chances of securing your dream job.

Having said that, I am going to show you the best way to go about it, if you decide to do it all on your own.

The following are some tips you can follow to make your CV look professional even without any work experience.

What are the steps you take;

1. Lie about your work experience

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Unless an HR personnel knows you from home, this tactics would definitely work. Believe when I tell you that Nigerian HR Managers don’t bother doing a background check on candidates. They are only bamboozled by what they see in front of them.

The secret of this tactics is that you have to position the “false” job in such a way that it relates to the other jobs you would post.  Most entry jobs require just a maximum of two years’ experience, so you have the right opportunity to manipulate the system.

I wasn’t comfortable writing this because they would get to find out this little trick, and probably try to checkmate it. But no matter how it happens, this trick would always work.

2. Convert your IT and NYSC into Pro Work experience

This is another way to turn your CV from looking like a rookie to that of a professional. Most times I advise people not to insert their Industrial Training experience and NYSC just to achieve this purpose.

If you want to hear a simple truth, Human Resource Managers don’t spend enough time on an individual CV. The average time spent on a CV is about 7seconds, that is when they determine who to invite for an Interview or not.


3. Insert Top Notch Skills

If you are lucky to have acquired several certifications, then you are already lucky. All you need do is to insert the certifications you’ve acquired into the right places, and your Resume comes up looking like that of a professional in his career. 

4. Highlight your Achievements

If you are lucky to have achieved something fantastic during your academic years, you can possibly highlight it for the HR to see. By talking about your achievements, you are also reinforcing your skills.

5. Support your Resume with a Quality Cover Letter

If you decide to go the honest way, then I recommend this path for you. Since your CV would probably be looking like a job beggar instead of a professional, your cover letter could do some wonders for you.

This cover letter would allow you open up to the hiring manager on why they should hire you. Tell him about yourself, abilities, skills, and what you’ve projected to become in future. If you have no knowledge of writing this, I suggest you invest a little to a professional CV writer who would help you do this.

If you get this act correctly, then you are on the path to landing a mega job for yourself. The hiring manager would believe in your dreams and possible give you a chance to act what you preach. Once you get the chance, then it is up to you and what you have to offer.

Writing a fantastic CV without prior job experience is one of the hardest things you can do as a job seeker. Most times you need to write the first via the help of a professional – like me, then you can always edit to your taste to suit other job vacancies you may wish to apply to. I have helped several people land jobs, so I write from experience.

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