7 Tips To Help You Choose Between Multiple Job Offers


Getting multiple job offers can be a daunting experience. Perhaps when you narrate your ordeal to your friends, they might find themselves stuck in the ugly rut of jealousy and probably tired of hearing about it. However, what they don’t know is the dilemma you’re in – a state of utter confusion. Choosing between two or more job offers isn’t easy, and talking about it might dent your humility.

The fact is, I can guide you choose the best option, without having to make you feel guilty. First of all, congratulation on securing those offers. It proves how hard you worked for them, and now, they are knocking on your mind for you to make a decision. Are you ready to discover the best offer?

Here are some tips that will immensely help you choose the best.

1. Look beyond the benefits

Most companies use benefits and perks to hire the best talent in the market. In cases of multiple job offers, most individuals go for these offers that offer extra benefits like; free health insurance, laundry facilities, and incredible kitchens that you have only seen on TV. I am sure you’ll agree with me that these benefits are mouth-watering. Sometimes, they becloud your mind from making a rational decision.

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Beyond these benefits, does the company offers what you are looking for in your career? What was your purpose for applying in the first place? Was it as a backup plan? One of the significant facts you should consider before settling for a job is your happiness. Would you be happy with this job? Evaluate yourself honestly. Benefits won’t matter if you no longer enjoy your job.

2. Future Growth

I know numerous individuals who said they would lose their minds if they dare work with a company for another five years. As crazy as it might sound, the company keeps showering them with promotions that the will to leave get crushed. Before you choose an option from those multiple offers, ask yourself, “Will I still be proud to work with this company in five years?”

I once found myself in this situation years ago, where I have to choose between two giant corporations. I evaluated each option, and yet, I felt stuck. I felt like a handicapped being unable to make a decision, but not until I looked to the future. I asked myself if I can grow with this company in five to ten years from now. That was the ultimate question that made my decision very easy.

3. Potential coworkers

During your interviews, what do you think about the people you met? Were they excited, or where they just asking you random questions because their boss asked them? One of the advantages that come with multiple job offers is, you get to choose the group you work with as an employee. It might sound insane, but you spend most of your time with your coworkers than your husband, wife, kids, and even puppies. As thus, making sure you choose the right offer is paramount. The fulfillment you derive from a job is tied to your coworkers. The friendlier the environment is; you discover you’ll always be excited to work.


4. Salary Matters

One of the first factors that come to mind in the face of multiple job offers is the salary. Most likely, your best offer might not be the one that pays more. Salary is a significant factor to consider, but not the only important factor. Here is what I mean.

A situation whereby the higher salary is a job you don’t like; do you sacrifice your happiness for the money? Although you will get more money to spend outside of work, but imagine spending 40 or more hours every week on a job you don’t like. That is what I call HELL.

I know it is a critical decision, especially when the job you don’t like offers more. But have in mind that the job you love will hone your skills and land you a better position tomorrow. That should compel you to make the right decision. Salary isn’t often the best determinant when choosing between multiple job offers.

5. Evaluate your prospective managers

Do you know that people quit managers and not companies? Perhaps this is your first time hearing that. But the assertion is true. Your manager has a massive influence on your growth and development as an employee. If you’re under an inconsiderate and evil boss, be assured that your growth and personal development will be stunted.

Not only does a lousy manager make you lose focus and motivation, they corrupt your experience in the workforce. Before you choose an offer, evaluate each of the managers. Ask past and current employees about the manager and make a decision. Always go for the manager that will not just serve as a manager, but a mentor, leader, and guide.

6. Trust your intuition

After you are done with your homework, pick an offer, sit back, and listen to that tiny voice inside you. Trust your gut, and it will help you make the right decision. You have to trust yourself if you must make the right choice. But before doing that, ask yourself;

  • Is my list drawing me toward one job or the other?
  • Which of the job excites me?
  • What is my gut telling me?

7. Get a consultant

If, after doing all the above and you still can’t make a choice, perhaps your best bet would be to use the services of a consultant. A consultant will help you see the detailed overview of each offer and how well these organizations perform relative to others in the market.

Wrapping Up

Before turning down an offer, bear in mind that the employer might never offer you another opportunity again. So, ensure you use all the resources available to you. Once again, congratulations on the multiple job offers. You deserve it, and I trust you to make the right decision. Good Luck!

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