6 Tips To Help You Convert Your Seasonal Work Into A Full-Time Position


Many will agree that the benefits to working seasonal and holiday jobs include the extra income and store discounts you may receive. No wonder, during holiday seasons, many companies begin hiring for seasonal workers, while these jobs are lucrative, strategic action can help you turn a seasonal position into year-round employment. Mind you, seasonal and holiday work is more or less like a temporary work which allows job seekers to get a foot in the door. Most seasonal workers are hired with the promise of working only for a certain amount of time. By making a name for yourself during those short months you are on the job, you may be able to turn that holiday/seasonal position into something permanent. Consider using these techniques:


While you may feel shy about it, making your desire to work with the company as full-time worker is always advisable as early as possible. This way, managers will know how to keep you in mind if something more permanent opens up. If it’s clear that the job you’re holding is truly only something seasonal (dressing as the Easter Bunny, for example), find out about other ways with the company year-round.


Since there are many reasons people choose to take on seasonal position, it’s likely that you’ll be working with individuals with a variety of different attitudes about their job. Some of your co-workers might be negative, tired, stressed, or even overly jolly. It’s important to remain continually positive and upbeat while on the clock. This kind of attitude will set you apart from your co-workers. It will also provide a sort of momentum that is certain to influence anyone who has the opportunity to work with you. Customers, co-workers and management will always remember you for your reasonable, can-do attitude.

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Getting a job is all about networking and when you’re working with the company, you need to and the ability to learn new skills. When managers see that you’re a positive asset to the company, they’re going to be more likely to find a way to bring you on full-time.


According to the survey, 66 percent of hiring managers said, workers who provide above and beyond customer service will rise to the top of the long term candidate pool. In other words, don’t just tell your boss you want to stay with the company permanently, prove it. To ensure you’re top-of-mind, offer to help with something instead of waiting to be asked, and treat customers with respect and kindness. Managers want to hire someone they can count on as well as someone they want to work with for 40 hours each week.


Thirty-nine percent of hiring managers said that if you’re looking to turn your temporary job into a full-time career, ask thoughtful questions about the organization. Ask your employer about the company’s values or what he or she sees as the department’s opportunities and challenges for the coming year. By doing so, you’ll demonstrate that you’ve invested and genuinely interested in the company and you’re looking for ways to contribute beyond your original role. 



Lastly, nearly 40 percent of employers are turned off by candidates who seem more interested in the discount than the job opportunity. Wait for the employer to bring up the discount, if one is available. “Don’t say: “I need the discount, so that I can do my Christmas shopping,” Hall said. “Say something like; ‘I am interested in a sales career, or I am working on my management degree, so this is a good experience for me.”

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