6 Things Job Seekers Do That Sabotage Their Interview Chances


There’s nothing quite like getting that job you’ve pursued for quite a while. More so, after a particularly tough round of interviews. However, it still remains uneasy to scale some heights during the interview process especially if you’re doing all the wrong things to sabotage your own efforts.

Obviously, there are things you shouldn’t do or say. In fact, there are certain looks you should entirely avoid. Thankfully, with this article, you’ll learn about things job seekers do to cut off their hopes of landing that job. This will help you steer clear of them.

1. Treating the Interview Session like a Q&A

You’ve gotten an interview invite, and gone ahead to soundly prepare yourself. But over-preparing for the event leaves you overstuffed, and concentrating on the wrong things. Sure, it’s important to prepare but being focused entirely on how suitable you are for the job isn’t ideal. What you want to do is engage the interviewer. Get on with them rather than doing all you can to answer each and every question. Remember, work relationships matter. So they’re probably measuring how easy it is to flow with you.

2. Odd Timing with Arriving at Interview Venues

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You’ve probably heard that you should never be late for any interview. Granted that is true. But how about not turning up way too early for any? Timing is important particularly if your interviewer has to put up some tools for the process. It wouldn’t make sense to show up before them too or arrive during other candidate’s specified time.

Being odd with time of arrival can sabotage your efforts. If you’re going for an interview, try getting there at least ten or fifteen minutes before it begins. This way, you’re settled. Arriving an hour before the time or some minutes after is pushing it.

3. Bringing up salary too soon

Some potential employees are purely motivated by what they’re going to earn. Of course, that’s okay as no one wants to work without being paid. It’s one of the ways to reward value. But bringing up your salary too soon will sabotage your attempt to land that job. To avoid, be focused on trying to show them you’re a perfect fit for the organization. What’s more, details on salary and benefits will definitely come at a later time.

4. Not Silencing your Mobile Phone

Things are incredibly easy with your phone but during an interview, you don’t need it. In fact, it should be up there as one of the easiest ways to sabotage your interview chances. Further, it’ll show you have no regard for the process or the person(s) interviewing you. What you can do is research the company’s policies and pay attention to details. What’s more, putting your phone off or on Silent mode, will keep you focused on what’s before you.


5. Not Knowing what the Company/post you Applied for does

If you’re reading this, you’re probably asking “who would?” Well, it happens that some people forget little details including what the company does. When they’re asked about it, they can barely mutter a thing or two. Further, the same goes for roles they’ve applied for. Your qualifications and experience are tied to the spot you’ve applied for. So you’d best learn about the organization.

6. Focusing on the Wrong Things

Some candidates sabotage their chances by making everything all about them. Also, they go the extra mile to mouth off on issues that require brief explanations. Well, this is wrong especially when you end up saying stuff that’s not necessary to the process. Tailor your answers around how your skills and experience will solve organizational problems.

Interviewees get this wrong by talking about how the job would be good for them. Rather than do that, focus on the organization.


As a job seeker, you want to do your best to show what you can bring to the table. Avoid these things to increase your chances of nailing the job.

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