Perhaps you don’t have a degree or can’t invest enough on getting one. Well, that’s not the end of the world because there are many lucrative careers you can excel in without one. Further, the cliché that going to school will most likely land you that great job has since lost its importance. Also, the world is moving away from your typical desk and chair job. Now, there are a whole lot of opportunities out there. In line with that, here are 5 lucrative careers to get you up and running without a degree.

1. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists dispense medications to those who need them. Also, they can dispense such drugs to health professionals. You might have come across some in drug stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and even private practices. Well, they’re mostly knowledgeable about their tasks and you may have mistook them for actual professionals.

Pharmacy techs mostly learn on the job without having to go to college. Their level of expertise increases with time. In fact some schools and vocational institutions award certificates when people complete programs in pharmacy technology. Pharmacy techs earn a healthy sum of money too.

2. Computer programmers

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Sure, you need to know a couple of computer languages such as C++ and Java. But on the whole, they can create, write and test codes, thus giving functionality to certain computer applications. It doesn’t end there though, because they can create apps for platforms like Android and iOS. Their skills make them one of the most wanted sets of career persons.

Financial companies, online companies, software publishers, and many more need their services. Am experience in coding coupled with certification in some programming languages will help you do more than a person without a degree. Figure in the fact that programmers are paid handsomely.

3. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Otherwise called an ultrasound technician, they work closely with physicians to produce ultrasound images for patients. You’ll find them in hospitals, labs, doctor’s offices, and other medical centers. Whether you have a degree or not, it’s an occupation that pays well, and that you can definitely excel in. What’s more, there are certificate programs you could do that don’t take much. A degree in sonography is worth it but it’s not a necessity in your bid to be a diagnostic medical sonographer.

4. Web Developer

Most businesses in this age need a working and reliable website. This includes faster connections, stable networks, and technology. For this reason, web developers have more to take on than many would imagine. The beauty of it all? You don’t need a degree.


There’s so much going on technology that makes this career line something you should be keen to learn. This is because there is high demand for people with web developing skills and experience. Whether it’s creating, designing, or other forms of web development, there’s almost always an organization or person that needs such services.

5. Makeup Artist

Wonder how some people like models, artists, entertainers, and other regular people look so stunning? You can put that down to makeup artists. They do such a great job to bring out all facets of beauty. So next time you go to a theater or an occasion, be rest assured a makeup artist is a vital cog to get things moving especially on the artistic side.

More so, talent to make things beautiful or add dimensions particularly to press home a message, is much more important than having some scholarly degree. Thankfully, you don’t need one to be a makeup artist.


There you go! Which of these careers do you feel the urge to learn and engage in? With passion, talent, and a little knowledge, you’ll excel in any.

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