5 Common Job Search Mistakes You Need To Avoid


It is a wonderful week again with lots of opportunities to explore in terms of job search. I wouldn’t want to lie that there are so many jobs out there, because that isn’t true at all. The ratio of jobs in the country to the number of employed graduates is very low.

The worst part remains that the jobs out there are quite competitive especially candidates with little or no skills. It is also worse for graduates without prior work experience, making job search very difficult in the country.

In most cases, when you think you’ve made a headway in your job search, you get jobs that the salary can barely sustain you for a month.

But must it be so? What is the secret of getting lucrative jobs in this country?

The number one thing you should know is that getting a good job comes with lots of competitions.

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Who are you competing against?

  • People with super connections
  • Graduates with foreign certificates
  • Those with better working experience
  • Those with lots of technical skill

These guys are taking up the whole good jobs out there, leaving scraps for those who wants to feed on crappy jobs.

While don’t we get the good jobs? Is it because we aren’t as good as them or we don’t know who they know?

To be frank, while part of the reason might be our fault, the others might be circumstances beyond us.

Let’s consider some of the mistakes job seekers make while in search of a job 

1. Poor Resume


You know why this always tops the list? Because it is scary to see someone who has potentials and abilities but has no idea as to how to explain it in a resume.

I was approached by a young guy who sincerely needed help and couldn’t pay the full consulting fee I charged. He needed a job and he was open about it. I asked him about his skills and qualifications, and I found him so amazing.

I asked him to submit his CV to enable me press some buttons for him. When I saw his CV, I knew exactly where the problems were coming from. It was totally unprofessional and shallow.  I couldn’t even employ such a person for any professional role in an organization.

I charged him to help him rewrite his CV, and it was just a month later he got a job. If you’ve been submitting CV’s without any call backs, then you need to seriously consider rewriting your CV.

2. Relying on just Online Job Search

You probably assume that since we now have job sites on the internet, which is the best and only route to follow for your job search? Hell No!

Most organizations don’t really advertise most of their jobs on the internet, because of reasons best known to them. I suggest you plant ears in several organizations, as they will give you real time feedback of job openings in their organizations.

3. You keep your Job search between you and your Laptop

If people don’t know you are searching for a job, how can they help you when the time comes? For example, some people are good at telling you your strengths, others can help review your CV, give honest reviews and feedback. You have to create a network that will help and support you. Imagine the young lad I talked about didn’t reach out to me for support?

4. Applying to Big Companies Alone

The bigger an organization, the more fierce competition to get a job there. Most big organizations take several months to complete just a single interview. If you sincerely need a job as fast as you can, you can also reach out to smaller organizations that sincerely do need what you have to offer.

5. Negative Mindset

You’ve already concluded that you can’t get the job before you fill in your application. I don’t know if there is any supernatural powers attached to it, but negativity usually slows down progress.

Your mindset affects your productivity output. So whatever thing you are doing, always be positive and watch how positive your life becomes.

All of these might not be feasible if you don’t have a professional description of yourself (Resume) on paper. I can help fashion out something for you if you decide to allow me do that for you.

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