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I want to apply for a part time job in a radio station, but my degree results are not ready. What do I do?

Question from Daniel:

“Good morning, please I am a final year student of mass communication in a federal Polytechnic currently on strike. I want to get a part-time job in any radio or TV station but don’t know how to go about it since I do not have my HND result yet. Please tell me how to do this.”

My Response:

"Here’s how to go about it;

1. Get a letter of identification from your department to prove that You’re an HND student of the institution. The letter should be addressed to the radio station or simply, to whom it may concern, duly stamped and signed by your HOD or his representative. Your school being on strike does not hinder you from contacting your HOD.

2. Write an application to the radio station indicating your interest . You must state clearly in your letter that you’re yet to complete your HND programme. Attach the letter of identification from your department and submit to the HR department of the radio or TV station.

I hope that was helpful?"

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