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I Graduated With A Pass. Is It Possible For Me To Get A Job Without Connection?

Got this question from one of my followers:

“Beautiful morning, sir. Please with 2.39 which is pass in a polytechnic system, would it be possible for me to get a job without connection? What are my chances of being employed?”

My Response:

"To be candid, It’s going to be very tough for you out there considering the fact that you’ll be competing with a lot of Distinction and Upper Credit graduates. Not to mention University graduates. I advice you apply to the University through direct entry to cover your deficiency. But you must sit up. University education is more tasking than Polytechnic education. I’m saying from personal experience because I’ve experienced both levels of education.

If You think that would be difficult, you may consider the other option which is to hit the job market. If you opt for this, then You must;

1. Work on your psyche or mindset to get rid of any form of inferiority complex associated with your grade.

2. Work on your communication skills (verbal and written). You can achieve that by reading books, watching English movies, taking note of strange words, checking them up in the dictionary for the correct spelling, pronunciation and usage. Avoid vernacular and pidgin English.

3. Acquire a Masters Degree through PGD and/ or professional certification.

4. Know the practical side of your profession. A lower grade/class of degree or diploma means you didn’t perform well theoretically. Since every profession has got a practical and theoretical aspect, there is good news for You. Only if You’ll swallow your pride, now is the best time for You to gain practical knowledge which will give You an edge over other candidates with excellent results. For instance, if you read Electrical Engineering, go and learn from the man at the road side.

5. Network: Make friends with people who know people in position to help. E.g. You may not have access to the CEO of a company. But You may know someone who knows him. You can approach that person and ask him/her to connect you to the CEO. When You eventually gain access to the decision makers, tell them what you can offer, and I believe they’ll give you a listening ear.

Good luck."

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