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How Do I Get A Place For Internship?

Question from Francis:

"I'm a 4th year undergraduate studying elect/elect engr. I hav a training on IP camera,microwave and networking. I am looking for a place for internship. How do I go about it?"

My Response:

"To start with, I'll recommend you decide on your preferred location for internship. Secondly, what kind of company or firm would you prefer?Engineering, Telecom etc. Then, make a list of all the organisations that meet your criteria. Write an application for internship to all of them attaching your CV. Make sure you submit the applications in person, if possible, to the CEO or HR Manager, depending on the size of the company. Lastly, check back after a week or so to see if your application is considered. Below is a sample application you can customize:"

Your Address,
City, State
27 May 2014

The Human Resources Manager
Company Name,
City, State

Dear Sir,

…………………. is my name. I am a 400 Level Electrical/Electronics Engineering student at the University of ……………… I wish to apply for an internship position with your organization and would be very grateful if my application is favorably considered.

I have practical experience in IP cameras, Microwave and Networking, and I believe these knowledge would be of immense use to your organization. I am also very hardworking and enthusiastic to learn.

Thanks for your consideration.

Yours Faithfully,


Surname Name

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