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He Wants To Know Why The Position is Vacant

Email from a follower:

Good day Mr. Patrick. I very much appreciate the good work you guys are doing and I’m going to invite all my friends to like your page. Now to the issue at hand. I received an invite for an interview last Thursday. Actually, there was an advert for this position last year in this same company but I didn’t apply. This year again, I saw the same job advert and applied. Now I have been invited for an interview. It’s either the previous person was sacked or he died or he left for greener pastures. How can I find out why the position is vacant since I don’t know anybody in that company?”

My Response:

"It’s a good idea to know why the position is vacant. At least that will help you know whether or not the job will be appealing to you, considering the fact that some employers are very difficult to work with. I suggest You wait till the interview and ask the interviewer in person. Here’s how to put your question, “Is this a new position? If not, why did the previous employee leave?” Please wait till the end of the interview before asking, so that you don’t look too curious. He may not give You all the details, but from his answer You should be able to form your opinion of the company and the position.

Another alternative is to arrive the venue early and find-out from the gate man or any other staff."

Friends, could you please help out here. Besides asking the interviewer, what other means can be of help?

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