5 Tips To Help You Have A Flawless Interview

A wonderful week ahead awaits us all, and especially to those that have interviews waiting for them. Are you already prepared for your interview? I guess you can add this up to your knowledge base. You have done the major part of securing an interview, so you are just a step closer to getting your dream job.

I have never attended an interview without getting a job offer, and I will certainly share some of my secrets with you. These five easy steps will make you leave the best possible impression with any hiring manager you have a contact with.

What are the steps to have a flawless Interview?

Be Early

It sounds quite simple, but it might cost you your potential job. The last thing you can do is show up late for an interview. It sends all negative vibes about your commitment level. Nobody would want to hire someone who has no organizational skills of showing up on time for an appointment. Showing up early leaves an impression that you respect the company and the hiring manager. Showing up might end up giving you more face time with the hiring manager, and more face time with the hiring manager increases your chances of landing the job.

Research the Company

Never walk into an interview knowing just the services the company offers. You have to do some research, find out about their facilities the CEO, and any recent news concerning them. Check out what their financials on websites, or any related news about them.

At the end of the interviews I have conducted, I always ask “do you have any questions for me?” Personally I am always impressed with people who have done some background check and throw up very intelligent questions. It shows you have the passion to become an employee of the company.

Listen – Listen – Listen

The reason you have two ears and a mouth is because listening does more trick than talking. It may seem like a hard task, but allow the hiring manager do most of the talking. It is a proven fact that hiring managers will think the interview went better if they do most of the talking. The secret to getting the interviewer talk is to do so much research and ask intelligent questions.

Carry Copies of your Resume

Don’t be like the young man who lost a job of 300k monthly salary because he assumed the hiring manager had the CV he submitted during the application phase. Hiring Managers are busy people and most times they don’t have your CV even when you enter the interview room.

Presenting your resume on a thicker/quality paper will give a psychological feeling of quality to the hiring manager. It would also enable you add up several skills you might have forgotten during the application phase of the job search.


After most interviews, 98% of job seekers never follow-up on the interview they had. After the interview, it is imperative you send a sort of feedback message to the hiring manager, or even a thank you note.

If you don’t have the hiring manager’s contact, you can request for a business card at the end of the interview. The goal is to allow the interviewer think of you again even after the interview. The more the hiring manager thinks of you in a positive manner, the better your chances of getting the job.

Getting a job invite is easy if you know the techniques to enable your CV rank so high. It boils down to several techniques of crafting a winning CV. If you should have questions regarding having a winning CV, you can reach me using the link below the post.