Where To Locate Jobs, For Job Seekers

“There are no jobs”! “Jobs are scarce”! These are some of the things on the lips of many people out there. They are not far from the reality on ground. Jobs are actually becoming scarce due to population pressure. However, saying that there are no jobs is an overstatement.

As population increases, people’s needs increase. And the means to meet them also increase, leading to creation of one job or the other. However, the conventional means of securing a job has changed over the years. Employees used to go to schools to look for prospective graduates to hire for one service or the other. This act has literally disappeared over time.

Now, people stay at home for years without securing a job. Some have fallen into depression due to unemployment. Which prompt the questions, “are there jobs?”, “if yes, where are the jobs?”

To answer these questions correctly, you need to understand the dynamics of the society. The society has changed over the years, so has the modus operandi. Technologies and services have changed greatly, the society we domicile. To answer the first question, yes there are jobs. If not, the entire society would have been thrown into chaos. In the next few points I will make, I will be showing you where the jobs are. Where to locate the jobs of your dreams.

where are the jobs? 

  • Media: employers pay billions every year to media houses to publish their openings on their platforms. The question then is why will they do that? Because the society has changed. In order to reach the persons with the required skills the information has to go deep into the fabrics of the society, reaching all and sundry. The employers want the best, and they are willing to pay whatever it costs to get it. The question is, are you willing to connect with them on such platform at any cost?
  • Internet: social isolation has made people to be physically alienated from one another. It is becoming more and more difficult to know what your next door neighbor is doing or offering without the internet. People now spend more time interacting online than offline. Billions of jobs are posted on the internet every year. You could even work and earn money without seeing your employer.
  • Professionals: “the secrets of the lord are with his prophets”, says the holy book. The secrets of employers are with some professionals (like CV writers, recruitment agencies etc). Sometimes they have information about an opening that is yet to be announced. When you use their services, you are bound to get these privileged information.
  • Some key individuals: many people are given slots by organizations to bring certain number(s) of persons for recruitment. You will do well to recognize these people. Some are even closer to you than you imagined. You may start by looking at the village head(s), religious leader(s), high ranking employees in an organisation, market heads and so on.