Why You Need To Find A New Recruiter

It is not surprising  I hear a continuous refrain from earnest job hunters and the chorus goes something like this, “I have never had such a hard time finding a job, I have never been out of work so long, I do all the right things, But the phone never rings, I have never had such a hard time finding a job.” It is a new day, job hunters. There are new rules for job hunting brought on by the advent of technology, social media and this darned economy. More than ever before, job hunters are virtually jostling arms and elbows in the great race to find jobs.

Gone are the days when one could easily present a resume directly to a prospective employer and expect to have an interview right then-just like that. Do you remember those days? Sigh. I do. Finding a job has been elevated to an art form. And this is why you need to find a new recruiter. Working with a new recruiter can be a great way for you to land the perfect job. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that all recruiters are created equal. There are some bad recruiters out there and it’s important for you to spot them before you waste any of your precious time.  Kindly check the following reasons why you might need to find a new recruiter;


Good recruiters have excellent communication skills. They will have solid conversations with you in order to understand what you’re looking for in a job and where your key expertise lies. Expert recruiters will follow up with you on a weekly basis, whether they have news from the hiring manager or not. If you have ended up with a recruiter who fails to return your calls and emails or who has simply fallen off the face of the earth, it’s time you started looking for a better recruiter. 


A true recruiter will NEVER charge the job seeker money. Recruiters are paid by the client when a candidate is hired. There is no cost to candidates for all the services a recruiter provides to you (job market information, resume preparation, interview coaching, salary negotiation etc.) If your recruiter is sending you a bill, then you need to quickly end the conversation and find another recruiter.


When you should notice that your recruiter is fond of making empty promises, you should be ready to find a new recruiter. From personal encounter, there is a brother of mine who have been with is recruiter for 18 months now, and he never does anything when he says he’s going to. He gave him all the paperwork he asked for in May. Only on these last few weeks has he bothered to submit it to MEPS, and he told my brother that he would get him there at a certain date, and that date has passed. Imagine the horrible experience, last week I got my brother a new recruiter and yesterday, he was called for an interview. Can you see how God work wonder by getting a new recruiter?


The hiring manager hasn’t gotten back to me-this is a lie and not a lie or just being lazy, so you pick. If you’re a good recruiter and tell the candidate that the hiring manager hasn’t gotten back to you, get your butt up from your desk and walk over to the hiring manager’s desk. If they’re in a different location and won’t get back to you, well, you have an influence problem you need to work on. But as a job seeker, if this becomes your experience all the time, I will advise you to find a new recruiter that will be ready to address your issue as his personal problem.


Lastly, most recruiters working for staffing companies don’t have exclusive contracts to offer a job, actually screen candidates or are otherwise directly involved in the hiring process. Their role is largely self-defined, where they match candidates to a job posting; their success is dependent upon their network of contacts and their ability to get their candidates directly in front of the hiring manager. As a result most recruiters are pretty vague about the company they’re posting for when they write a job posting. They won’t post any identifying information about the company in the ad, and for the good reason: if you knew what the company was hiring, you could apply for the job yourself or find new recruiter who understands better the requirement of the company.