6 Tips To Help You Stay Upbeat In A Job Search

Several months have passed by since you lost your last gig. Dragged down by countless hours of searching, a series of fruitless interviews, and troubling news about the stagnant job market, you’re starting to have nightmares about a scarlet letter “U” (for “unemployable”) being branded across your dusty CV. One rejection letter away from throwing in the towel, you bury your face in your pillow and wonder aloud why no one will give you a chance. The answer may lie in you. Any good salesperson will tell you that people buy from people they like. Similarly, employers give jobs to people they like. Of course, you must have the skills and experience as well, but when two or more candidates rank equally, the job is more likely to go to the person who formed the best relationship with the potential employer. I know how it feels when you’ve given the job hunt your all and employers just don’t seem to care. Don’t be discouraged, though, here are few key steps on how to stay upbeat in your job search.


To stay upbeat in a job search, you need to be positive and engaging, which can be hard when you’re weighed down by the burden of unemployment. Being positive is a vital pre-condition for your job search: if you feel negative or unenthusiastic, it could come across when you meet people, and they won’t bury you. So it is advisable to remain focus, positive and engaging at all time irrespective of the challenge


While you don’t want to overburden them with your troubles, don’t forget that your family and friends are there for you when you need them. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone-a soothing call with someone you love and trust can do wonders for your flagging confidence. In this tough economic climate, also take solace in the fact that there are plenty of others out there just like you who are looking for a shoulder to lean on. Try consulting an online job seekers’ forum for a dose of anonymous support or perhaps join a group in your city targeted at fellow unemployed folks.


At the start of each week, make a list of specific, manageable goals that you would like to achieve. Perhaps you’d like to write five cover letters that week, or go to three job fairs. By focusing on small, achievable goals, you will feel more accomplished throughout your job search.


It’s easy to become tired of writing cover letters, going to interviews and networking. However, try to think of each activity as an opportunity that will only make you a better job candidate. If you’re interviewing for a job you don’t think you really want (or don’t think you will get), try to think of the interview as a chance to network and work on your interview skills. Think of each cover letter as the chance to hone your writing and editing abilities. Simply thinking of tasks as opportunities rather than chores will put you in a positive market.


Any form of physical exercise of relaxation technique gives you an immediate shot of endorphins (the so-called “happy hormones”). It doesn’t matter what it is- a 20-minutes walk, a quick run, a game of tennis, some yoga, or simply 60 seconds of deep breathing. Try and do something on a regular basis.


Lastly, there are 6.8 billion people living on this planet. And I’m pretty confident that most people reading this article are likely to be in the top 5 percent of that population in terms of material wealth, health, living conditions, opportunities and education. There are many people who would love to be in your shoes and have the “problems” you’ve got. So try to keep a perspective on things.