Should She Expose The Lies On Her CV?

Below is a question sent by an anonymous lady. Let’s hear your thoughts on this;

“I work in the HR department of a company. There was a recruitment recently and I told my friend, who told her neighbor who has been out of work for about a year and needs a job desperately. She sent in her CV and she was short-listed for an interview because my managers were so impressed with her CV.

Part of my job as an assistant to the Recruitment Manager is to verify the information on applicants CV and get references from their previous employers. But here is my dilemma, this lady’s CV is filled with lies, she actually lifted my friend’s CV and also lied about her education and a whole lot of other things. The email and phone numbers she submitted for references are not from any previous employer though she claims they are. My friend is in with her on the lies too.

She will probably get the job because she was able to impress the interviewers, but I am quite confused on how to proceed with my own job. Should I just shut up and sign the documents that I have verified her information or should I let my manager know that she is a fake? I don’t want to be a clog in the wheel of her progress especially because I know she needs the job and she can do the job, but my own job is at risk too.”

To the lady, be ethical and do what is expected of you. Besides, she won’t know you exposed her, except you run your mouth.