How To Become A Professor

Question from Chinedu.

“Good morning Mr. Patrick, I very much appreciate your inspiring and informative posts. I have a first degree in Political Science, 2:1. I want to become a professor but I don’t know how to go about it. Also how long does it take?“

First you must become a lecturer. With your present qualification, you can only become a graduate assistant. Then, pursue an academic Masters degree programme. On completion, you’ll be promoted to the position of an assistant lecturer. If you don’t have the connection to secure a GA position, you can still proceed for your Masters and put in your best so that you graduate with excellent results. Some Universities offer automatic employment, just like they do in the case of first class graduates. Promotions in the academic field is not very different for non-academic. Lecturers spend a minimum of 4 years in one position before being promoted to the next. The hierarchy is;


Associate Professor (Reader)

Senior Lecturer

Lecturer I

Lecturer II

Assistant Lecturer

The positions are 6 in number, excluding graduate assistant. So assuming you have regular promotions, it will take you a minimum of 24 years to become a professor. Note that there are other conditions to be met aside lecturing. They include publication of academic journals, availability of vacancy etc.

I wish you success!