He Wants To Know If He Should Submit His Credentials With His CV

Question from Peter.

“Good morning, my name is Peter, please I want to know when summiting a CV to an organization, will the person include his /her credentials to the CV. Thank You.”

No,  You don’t need to attach your credentials. When a company is recruiting for a position, the only documents you’re expected to submit are your CV and cover letter. If the application is online, write your cover letter in the body of the email and attach your CV. If it’s offline, submit both documents in an envelope, with the cover letter on top. That is what the recruiter should see first.

In rare circumstances, the recruiting company may require you to complete a form where you may be instructed to attach your credentials including a  passport photograph. Please always read the instructions that follow and adhere to them strictly. Failure to do so, leads to outright disqualification.